Recognition of our Work

Here is a list of awards, honors, and recognitions that members of the group have received (i.e., our virtual trophy wall):

  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, People’s Choice Award of the 2017 Bright Buffalo Niagara Entrepreneur Expo 2017
  • R. Fair, WNY-ACS Distinguished Student Award 2017
  • S. Prasad Ganesh, UB CBE Senior Academic Excellence Award 2017
  • S. Brown, UB Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Summer Research Internship 2017
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, UB 3MT Competition Finalist 2017
  • R. Fair, UB Presidential Fellowship (declined) 2017
  • S. Prasad Ganesh, UB Presidential Fellowship (declined) 2017
  • R. Fair, UB SEAS Senior Scholars Research Scholarship 2017
  • S. Prasad Ganesh, UB SEAS Senior Scholars Research Scholarship 2017
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, E.H. Donowick, Winner of the UB Hackathon 2016
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, IPAM Travel Grant 2016
  • R. Fair, UB SEAS Dean’s List 2016–2017
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, Graduate Student Grant of the Mark Diamond Research Fund 2016
  • M. Haghighatlari, IPAM Long Program Housing and Travel Grant 2016
  • M. Haghighatlari, UB CBE Best Poster Award 2016
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, APS Distinguished Student Travel Award 2016
  • J. Hachmann, Finalist of Emerging Technologies in Computational Chemistry of the ACS Division of Computers in Chemistry 2016
  • M. Haghighatlari, Outstanding Student Poster Award of the ACS Physical Chemistry Division 2016
  • M. Haghighatlari, Scholarship Award for Scientific Excellence of the ACS Division of Chemical Information 2016
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, 1 Poster Prize of the Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference 2016
  • J. Hachmann, Professor of the Year Runner-Up of the AIChE Buffalo Student Chapter 2016
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, 2016 UB CBE Graduate Student Seminar Speaker 2016
  • D.M. Havas, UB SEAS Senior Academic Excellence Award of the UB CBE Department 2016
  • D.M. Havas, Honorable Mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 2016
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, Professor Emeritus Howard Strauss Memorial Scholarship Award of the UB Engineering Alumni Association 2016
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, Honorable Mention for the Ovshinsky Student Travel Award of the APS Division of Materials Physics 2016
  • S. Prasad Ganesh, UB Honors College Advanced Honors Scholar 2015
  • M.A. Faiz Afzal, Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry Scholarship 2015
  • S. Prasad Ganesh, UB SEAS Dean’s List 2014–2016
  • B.A. Moore, UB SMURI Summer Research Award 2014


Harvard University (2009–2014)

  • J. Hachmann, RSC Scholarship Award for Scientific Excellence of the ACS Division of Chemical Information 2013
  • J. Hachmann, ACS Division of Physical Chemistry Postdoctoral Research Award 2013
  • Clean Energy Project Team, Computerworld Data+ Award 2013
  • J. Hachmann, IBM-Löwdin Award 2013
  • J. Hachmann, International Congress of Quantum Chemistry Outstanding Poster Award 2012
  • J. Hachmann, A. Aspuru-Guzik, Finalist of the CycleCloud BigScience Challenge with Honorable Mention 2011


Cornell University (2004–2009)

  • J. Hachmann, CSC Best Poster Presentation Award of the Physical, Theoretical and Computational Division 2009
  • J. Hachmann, APS Graduate Student Travel Award of the Division of Chemical Physics 2008
  • J. Hachmann, IBM-Zerner Fellowship Award 2008
  • J. Hachmann, Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Young Investigator Award 2007
  • J. Hachmann, CCG Excellence Award of the ACS Division for Computers in Chemistry 2006
  • J. Hachmann, Kekulé Fellowship of the Fund of the German Chemical Industry 2005–2007


University of Cambridge & University of Jena (1999–2004)

  • J. Hachmann, DiplChem with Distinction 2004
  • J. Hachmann, Study-Abroad-Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation 2003–2004
  • J. Hachmann, Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation 2000–2004