The 5th Annual UB Symposium on Job and Career Perspectives for Students in the Computational Sciences will take place today, and mark the final event of the 5th Annual UB CDSE Days. This year, the venue for the symposium is 206 Furnas Hall and the event will run from 11am to 4:30pm. We are excited to welcome Dr. Scott Wierzchowski (Shell Oil, previously Schlumberger, UB alumnus), Dr. Janice Steckel (NETL), Dr. Mardochee Reveil (Corning, previously Intel), Dr. Andrew Taube (DE Shaw Research, previously Sandia National Lab), and Dr. Suddha Talukdar (Intel, UB alumnus) as our invited speakers. Dr. Abani Patra, Director of CCR and CDSE/ICDS, will open the symposium. Congrats to the group and the UB Computational Sciences Club for putting this splendid event together!