Today was a bitter-sweet day: After being a member of the group since December 2017, Janhavi had her last day in Buffalo! Janhavi defended her MSc project in May and wrapped up her project over the past few weeks. Tomorrow, she will head out to Delaware for the next chapter of her career, i.e., to start work as a Process Engineer at Kellogg Brown & Root.

During her graduate studies, Janhavi has been working on our ChemLG molecular library generator code. Specifically, she has added a graphical user interface as well as a test that gauges the synthetic viability of virtually designed molecules by comparing them to a catalogue of commercially available compounds. Janhavi’s project was designed in the spirit of the Materials Genome Initiative with the goal of facilitating the accelerated discovery of next-generation materials. Janhavi has made notable contributions with her research and as part of the team. She is smart, engaged, dedicated, hard-working, and an all-around decent human being. She is a friendly and pleasant person and it is fun to work with her. She has been a valuable and valued member of the group, and we will miss her.

Godspeed and all the best, Janhavi! Make us proud!