After being a member of the group since December 2017, Krishnendu had his last day in Buffalo today! Krishnendu defended his MSc thesis in May and has been wrapping up his project over the past few weeks. Tomorrow, he will head out to South Bend, IN, for the next chapter of his career, i.e., to start his PhD studies at the University of Notre Dame.

During his graduate studies, Krishnendu has been working on the modeling of Li-ion adsorption on small organic molecules of interest as potential constituents of Li-ion battery anode materials. His project emerged in the context of a joint venture with UB CBE’s Professor Gang Wu, who addresses this problem from an experimental perspective. Krishnendu’s project was designed in the spirit of the Materials Genome Initiative with the goal of facilitating the accelerated discovery of next-generation materials. Krishnendu has made notable contributions with his research and as part of the team. He is smart, engaged, dedicated, and hard-working. He has been a valuable and valued member of the group, and we will miss him.

Godspeed and all the best, Krishnendu! Make us proud!