Mojtaba and Johannes are currently in Orlando (FL) for the 257th ACS National Meeting. Mojtaba will present a talk titled “A Novel Active Learning Approach for Deep Learning of Chemical Data: Extracting More Chemical Insights by Choosing Less” (CINF 73) in the CINF Division Symposium on Deep Learning on Tuesday, and another one on Wednesday titled “Advancing Molecular Feature Representation and Machine Learning Design Methodologies Using the ChemML Program Suite” (PHYS 299) in the PHYS Division Symposium on on Sustainable Software for Computational Molecular Science. Johannes will present on “Modeling, Virtual High-Throughput Screening, and Machine Learning of Deep Eutectic Solvents” (PHYS 322) in the PHYS Division Symposium on Structure & Dynamics of Electrolytes: From the Bulk to Interfaces on Wednesday afternoon.