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UB-CompChem listserv and Meetings and Event Calendar go live

Johannes set up a listserv called “”, which finally went live today. The idea is to have a listserv where seminars, talks, group meetings, events, etc can be announced to everybody interested in the theory, modeling, and simulation of chemical systems at UB. It is designed as a tool to improve the communication and tighten the bonds between the different theory groups on campus. A corresponding Meetings and Event Calendar was set up as well.
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Dr. Edward Pyzer-Knapp visits the group

Dr. Edward Pyzer-Knapp from Harvard University is visiting the group for a week. Ed is a new postdoc in the Aspuru-Guzik Group and he is taking over the day-to-day operations on the Clean Energy Project from Johannes. It is great to have him over for the week and talk shop. Ed will also give a seminar on the 6th titled “Can we predict porosity in the organic solid state? Insight from the field of crystal structure prediction”.
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