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Gaurav defends MSc thesis, becomes 10th MSc/MEng of the group

Gaurav Vishwakarma gave his MSc thesis defense titled “Machine Learning Model Selection for Predicting Properties of Organic Polymers” today, has thus completed all his degree requirements, and is now the 5th MSc coming out of the group. Congrats, Gaurav! Gaurav will stay on with the group for a PhD, so he will be around for a few more years.
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Atif’s last day in Buffalo

Today was a day of pride, joy, and a good dose of sadness: After being a key member and cornerstone of the group since May 2014, Atif had his last day in Buffalo today! Atif defended his PhD thesis this past May and (more or less) wrapped up some of his projects over the past few months. Tomorrow, he is heading out to Portland (OR) for the next chapter of his academic career, i.e., to start work as a Postdoc for Schroedinger, Inc.. During his graduate studies, Atif has been spearheading the group’s work on the modeling and design of
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Atif, Arpit, Andrew, and Johannes at FOMMS 2018

Atif, Arpit, Andrew, and Johannes are in Delavan (WI) this week for the 2018 Conference on Foundations of Molecular Modeling and Simulation – Innovations for Complex Systems (FOMMS 2018). Atif will present a poster on Wednesday titled “Large-Scale Exploration of Chemical Moieties for the Design of Next-Generation High-Refractive-Index Polymers“, Andrew will have presentations on his work with the Kofke Group, and Johannes will chair the Session on Quantum Chemistry for Challenging Systems.
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