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Johannes gives LSAMP Summer Program Coding Crash-Course

Johannes gave a crash course on “Coding for Engineers – An Intro to Python” for the LSAMP Summer Research Internship Program today. It was the second installation of this event since its inaugural 2018 edition and it covered (i) Why coding?; (ii) What is Python? What’s so special about it?; (iii) A survey of Python modules for science and engineering; (iv) How to learn Python; (v) How to get started hands-on. The Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program seeks to diversify the STEM workforce by significantly increasing the numbers of students that successfully complete high-quality degree programs in
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Aditya, Gaurav, and Johannes at MLSE 2019 in Atlanta, GA

Aditya, Gaurav, and Johannes are currently in Atlanta (GA) for the 2019 Machine Learning in Science and Engineering conference, hosted by Georgia Tech. Aditya will present a poster titled “Machine Learning Models for Hansen Solubility Parameters and their Application in Predicting Solvent-Polymer Interactions” and Gaurav on “Tailoring Genetic Algorithm for Data-Driven Research in Chemistry” tomorrow. Johannes will present an invited talk discussing “Advancing Machine Learning Methodology for Chemistry” in the Session on Machine Learning in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Materials on Tuesday as well, and he will be one of three panelists on Wednesday’s panel on Reproducibility of Machine Learning in
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