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Vigneshwar defends his thesis, becomes 3rd MSc of the group

Vigneshwar Kumaran Sudalayandi Rajeswari passed his thesis defense titled “Modeling of polymers with controlled degradation and first-principles virtual high-throughput screening” today. Once he has finished the revisions on his thesis he will be the 3rd MSc coming out of the group. Congrats, Vigneshwar! Vigneshwar will stay on with the group while he is planning and fleshing out his next career move, so it’s not quite time to say goodbye, yet.
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Johannes at the Humboldt Kolleg on New Vistas in Molecular Thermodynamics

Johannes is in Berkeley, CA, for the next three days for the Humboldt Kolleg on New Vistas in Molecular Thermodynamics. He is going to give an invited talk today at the beginning of the Session on Fundamentals of Chemical Design and Engineering titled Machine Learning the Structure-Property Relationships that Define Chemistry. The Kolleg will also celebrate the 90th birthday of Professor John M. Prausnitz, one of the pioneers of Molecular Thermodynamics.
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